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810 | ModuEsque

  • ModuEsque set the standard for tough, durable and secure lounge seating. It has been designed for critical use, high-traffic environments where resiliency, function and comfort are paramount. Cushions are available in both aesthetically pleasing fabrics and puncture resistant, rotationally molded seamless vinyl. All joinery is heavy gauge, metal to metal, tamper resistant hardware. Sides feature a bullnose shape and are treated using Moduform’s specially formulated UV cured resin sealer and top coat. Our UV cured resin is chemically bonded to the product and withstands harsh detergents, bleach-based cleaners and the everyday activities that make lounges collaborative and inviting.

  • Features

    Wood sides shall be radius 1-9/16” thick solid oak butcher block sides and rails; 1” thick solid oak butcher block backs.
    Cushions available in either an array of fabrics or seamless, molded and flexible vinyl.
    Rotationally Molded Vinyl shall be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
    Steam cleaning does not harm the product.
    Can be sanitized with bleach-based cleaners to aid in the control of infections and blood borne pathogens.

    Moduform’s specially Rotationally molded vinyl is one-piece, seamless, homogeneous in color and features a leather texture exterior facing skin. Vinyl cushions are filled with a two-part, high resiliency, pressure molded polyurethane foam liquid that solidifies and fully bonds to the inside the cavity. Vinyl products are available in two thicknesses (200 mil grade 7 and 250 mil grade 9).



    ModuEsque Lounge Chair
    34"d / 27.5"w / 32"h
    Seat height: 16"
    Arm height: 20.5"
    Weight: 115lbs


    ModuEsque Settee
    34"d / 53.5"w / 32"h
    Seat height: 16"
    Arm height: 20.5"
    Weight: 185lbs


    ModuEsque Sofa
    34"d / 77"w / 32"h
    Seat height: 16"
    Arm height: 16"
    Weight: 260lbs


    ModuEsque Tandem 2 Seater
    34"d / 53.5"w / 32"h
    Seat height: 16"
    Arm height: 20.5"
    Weight: 205lbs


    ModuEsque Tandem 3 Seater
    34"d / 80"w / 32"h
    Seat height: 16"
    Arm height: 20.5"
    Weight: 298lbs


    ModuEsque Tandem 4 Seater
    34"d / 106"w / 32"h
    Seat height: 16"
    Arm height: 20.5"
    Weight: 380lbs
  • Replaceable fabric covers – zipper close
    Cushions available in three shapes:
    1. Square
    2. Full round
    3. Half round for sofa or settee

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