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library bureau by moduform offers an extensive array of shelving in both solid and veneer to meet the expanding requirements of today's library. We manufacture a standard line of products while possessing the capability to design and engineer furniture to fit your unique circumstances.

we top coat our wood products with the most durable, easy to clean finish available, while also providing an array of laminates and wood stains to match your tastes and design.

tables, carrels, technical furniture, chairs and lounge seating are also available.

library bureau was founded in 1876 by Melvil Dewey and to this day we continue its long standing tradition of quality manufacturing at affordable prices.

standard heights:

36" | 42" | 48" | 60.5" | 72" | 82" | 90"

standard depths:

10" | 12" | 16" | 24"


single faced | starter | 60.5" high double faced | starter | 42" high

single faced | starter | adder | 42" high

starter | double faced | routed ends | tapered

single faced | starter | routed ends | steel shelves


massachusetts | with engraved ends

routed end panels



Here are Library Bureau, we specialize in producing high quality library shelving. As you can see from the photographs above, customizing the shelving to meet your needs is something that we do every day. Library Bureau has the unique ability to use a variety of materials, including solid oak and maple, select veneers, steel, post and panel, LED lights and laser engraved panels. All shelving is manufactured on state of the art computer controlled equipment that allows for the highest quality fit and finish. Whether you need double faced, steel end panels, stacks, mobile bases, periodical or hinged, Library Bureau has an offering that will meet your requirements.

Library Bureau has been servicing the needs of public libraries, private libraries, K-12 libraries and higher eduction facilities since our creation more than 100 year ago. Made famous by our founder, Melvil Dewey, Library Bureau continues to make world class tables, carrels, circulation desks, technical furniture, lounge furniture and collaborative products that will support your library's mission and goals.