seating | public area


public area seating highlights:

cleans easily

discreet clean out

arm cap | flat | beveled sides

solid frame | doweled | screwed

standard | custom finish

molded foam back

comfortble grip

waterfall seat

choose from standard fabric or select your own material

standard finishes or custom available

solid oak or maple


Finding the best bureau furniture online for your medical office, library, or correctional institution starts with Moduform. Our business offers a wide array of quality waiting area seating to make sure that your patients or patrons are comfortable while they have to wait. These selections are perfect for people seeking library chairs or individuals trying to build a new waiting room for their medical practice. For more than 40 years, Moduform has been manufacturing products that work perfectly for your needs.

When you choose these made-to-order chairs, you’ll find that they clean easily. Our waiting area seating feature arm caps, flat beveled sides, and molded foam backs, as well as a comfortable grip. Take a look at these chairs and our other bureau furniture selections and request more information about ordering our furniture today. From making medical office seating to providing you with library chairs, we are prepared to make high-end furniture that will last for many years.