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Moduform has been pouring its own foam for more than 40 years. Originally, our foam was dispensed into molds containing rotationally molded 200 mil thick vinyl membranes. We then began producing cushions that are slip covered with attractive and pleasing upholstery grade fabrics. While both of these processes are still wildly popular, we found there is an unmet need for a cool, hybrid seating/ottoman/table/multipurpose product that is durable, flexible and can be used in a variety of ways. Now there is a fun, fresh, bouncy solution.



Whether you are building a waiting area or are looking for some different options for inmate common areas, offers foam seating selections and additional corrections furniture for your needs. These vinyl chairs and couches are made from rotationally molded vinyl, making sure that you can easily care for these excellent pieces of seating. Additionally, we carry junior chairs for children that are ideal for areas where inmates meet with their children.

Our vinyl chairs and couches are seamless and repair easily, which can be a great benefit when placed in a corrections facility. We even offer corner chairs that can be placed out of the way of high-traffic areas. These pieces are available in a variety of colors, including slate blue, ginger snap, flannel grey, black, and huckleberry. Start reviewing our information today and find the correct foam seating for your institution. We provide high-end corrections furniture that works well for these types of establishments.