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Moduform offers the largest selection of residence hall and common area furniture available. We start with high quality solid oak or maple, select veneers and eye-catching laminates to build furniture that will meet the demanding conditions your campus presents. If lounge furniture and tables are what you need,  we have an attractive offering of standard fabrics, or are happy to use something your design team prefers. To further enhance your interior, Moduform leverages a state of the art finishing system, so adding stains to match is something we do every day. Our products have been designed over time because we understand how critical student life is on your campus. 

For more than 40 years, Moduform has been building high quality, high use furniture from our central Massachusetts manufacturing facility. Our production processes have been refined with the addition of state of the art computer controlled equipment that enable us to work with tight tolerance to provide you with an unsurpassed fit and finish. Our product engineering is done using three dimensional design making slight modifications, or significant customization simple and straight forward. Whether you are renovating an existing dormitory, or building a brand new residence hall, Moduform can partner with you to ensure your students receive high quality, attractive and functional furniture.

Moduform's standard Everest line is made using solid oak or maple, K2 starts with high quality veneer, Ashdown adds some exterior moldings, Vinson includes some rounded edges and a softer look, Bold is just that - a different look and feel than what would be considered traditional, Mission is just that - a traditional residential style with contract quality construction and Chalet is a post and panel look to provide an upgrade in style. While these are just a few of our standard styles, Moduform also possesses the ability to produce cabinets with replaceable components, full laminate panels or other more custom designs that were developed for specific customer requirements.