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Moduform offers the premiere selection of attratctive, cost effective and durable furniture products for military bases, VA Medical Centers and other government facilities that buy using GSA contracts. Solid oak room furniture, lounge seating, dining tables and other specialty type products will meet the daily demands of your high use facilities.

Here at Moduform, we focus on your circumstances. Across the world, colleges, military bases, hospitals, libraries and detention centers are using Moduform furniture. Our customer-centric approach starts with gaining an understanding of how best to solve issues that are unique to how your furniture is used. From there, we have a standard offering of furniture that has proven successful, or we work to customize a solution that will best fit your conditions. This ensures you get the very best furniture to make your décor look as good as it works.

With 1,000s of rooms of barracks furniture installed, Moduform products are unmatched. For more than 40 years, we have been proudly manufacturing furniture here in central Massachusetts. We utilize state of the art equipment, trained craftspeople and the desire to ensure you are happy with your purchase for years to come.