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Moduform offers the largest selection of detention furniture and behavioral health furniture available. With tamper-resistant tables, chairs and room furniture, you will find the right corrections-grade furniture you need to equip your prison, jail or correctional facility. Moduform has been manufacturing furniture for secure facilities, such as yours, for more than 40 years. We supply adult and juvenile correctional centers along with behavioral health hospitals with the most secure and durable furniture available. Moduform is affordable, durable and secure because we listen to our customers and stand behind all of our products. The investment you make when selecting furniture is critical. We understand your limited budgets and will work within the confines of your plan to provide you with the best value available.

All of our detention furniture and behavioral health furniture is made for high traffic and heavy use. Moduform's extensive industry background provides a solid understanding of where to start in the product development process. The steel we use is power coated. Our table tops are durable and pick-resistant. Our vinyl products are tear-proof and defiant to punctures. Hardware is non-removable and our stacking chairs are injection molded and a single piece. Cleaning is easy and hiding contraband is problematic. These are the principles of design at Moduform and they work, you have told us that.

Take a look at what we can offer. If you don't see something, let us know. Moduform is a proud American furniture manufacturing company with an eye toward the future. As your needs change, our ability will evolve. We pride ourselves on producing your corrections furniture with state of the art equipment that is versatile and flexible. This way, you get what you want, when you need it.